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York Center/Stevenson School Faculty

E-mail addresses and telephone numbers of staff are provided to facilitate communication between home and school.  However, teachers may not be able to check e-mail during the school day.  Also, classroom telephones will not ring during the school day.    Please do not send time sensitive notices via e-mail or voice mail only.  For example, if your child needs to leave during the school day for a medical appointment, a written note MUST be sent to school.


Name Position E-mail Extension
Chris Mazaika-Arado Principal, Stevenson 630-516-7375
Ellen Hasegawa Bruning Principal, York Center 630-516-6520

Office Staff

Name Position E-mail Extension
Patti Palumbo Secretary - Stevenson 630-516-7684
Judy Werkau Secretary - York Center 630-516-7707
Carline Murillo Early Childhood Secretary - Stevenson 630-516-7540
Karen Simko District Nurse 630-516-7769
Amy Orr School Nurse - York Center aorr@d45.0rg x1389
Meredith Rogers School Nurse - Stevenson 630-516-7513
Aracelli Castaneda-Rivera Health Assistant - Stevenson 630-516-7831
Alina Slayton-Stevens Health Assistant - York Center 630-516-7829
Custodian Staff
Mike Musiel Head Custodian - Stevenson 630-516-7862
Ricardo Diaz Head Custodian - York Center 630-516-6544

Name Position E-mail Extension
Jill Ermitage Kindergarten - ST x1289
Holly Hudecek Kindergarten - ST x40112
Diana Garcia Kindergarten - ST x40106
Patricia Kempker Kindergarten - ST x40107
Karina Chavez First Grade - ST x40105
Lucille Bailey First Grade - ST x40102
Jennifer Rose First Grade - ST x40104
Olga Karwoski Second Grade - ST x40209
Elizabeth Lundal Second Grade - ST x40207
Carly O'Brien Second Grade - ST x40210
Jamie DeLuca Third Grade - YC x43012
Cristina Diaz Third Grade - YC x43003
Jennifer Parde Third Grade - YC x43014
Rosanne Orsi Third/Fourth Grade - YC x43001
Amy Baker Fourth Grade - YC x43006
Melissa Guido Fourth Grade - YC x43010
Kirsten Allen Fourth Grade - YC x43011
Nancy Aliga Fifth Grade - YC x43002
Anne Blyth Fourth/Fifth Grade - YC x43004
Ann Larsen Fifth Grade - YC x43013
Jennifer Finke Fifth Grade - YC x43015
Asma Qazi ESL - YC x1388
Hemlata Singapori ESL - ST x1369
Cheri Johnson Art - YC/ST x1121
Elizabeth Sitrick Music - YC/ST x1120
Gregg Huckstadt PE - YC/ST x1330
Lauren Asuma Instructional Coach - YC/ST x1288
Tracey Shocky Special Education - ST tshockey@d45.rog x40204
Nadine Enright Special Education - YC 630-516-7567
Mary Stecko Reading Specialist - ST x40902
Nancy Taylor Reading Specialist - YC x43006
Ellen Jurkonis LEAP - YC
Carmen Mattson Parent Liaison - ST 630-516-7798
Christy Vieyra Psychologist - YC 630-516-7358
Karen Crowley Psychologist - ST 630-516-6551
Sara Eaton Speech - YC 630-516-7530
Sylvia Haw Speech - ST 630-516-7549
Maggie Leonard Speech - ST 630-516-7546
Christina Rees Speech - ST 630-516-7852
Sylvie Wodzinski Speech - ST 630-516-7632
Teresa McClow Speech - YC 630-516-7337
Paul Flaherty Social Worker - YC 630-516-7541
Maribell Nieves Social Worker - ST 630-516-7374
Brenda Rivera Social Worker - First Step 630-516-7563

Support Staff
Gayle Casey LRC Specialist - ST 630-516-7723
Rachel Schwarz LRC Specialist - YC 630-516-7810
Debbie Brandel Teaching Assistant - ST x1304
Holly Frazier Teaching Assistant - ST x1034
Andrea Highberger Teaching Assistant - ST x1045
Melinda Mutti Teaching Assistant - ST x1042
Wilma Randin Teaching Assistant - ST x1262
Wandalyse Worrell Teaching Assistant - ST x1051
Juanita Aguirre Teaching Assistant - YC x1368
LuAnn Ahrens Teaching Assistant - YC x1167
Cendy Cruz Teaching Assistant - YC
Kathy Salzano Teaching Assistant - YC
Lori Mussatto Teaching Assistant - YC x1181
Nancy Sutor Teaching Assistant - YC x1223
Katelyn Zeek Teaching Assistant - YC
Eric Grossmann Teaching Assistant - YC
Deanne Abbott 1:1 Nurse-ST x1366 

First Step
Kelly Nettleton Program Coordinator 630-516-7392
Carline Murillo Secretary 630-516-7540
Nicole Babincsak Teacher x40108
Jeannette Christiansen Teacher x40111
Kristin Hammer Teacher x40109
Maria Hernandez Teacher x46002
Denise Jacklin Teacher x46004
Maggie O'Brien Teacher x40110
Barbara Ames Teaching Assistant x1032
Keila Androsky Teaching Assistant x1140
Marjeta Bejdo Teaching Assistant x1063
Louise Brodie Teaching Assistant x1061
Lori Fecarotta Teaching Assistant x1122
Carmen Gallegos Teaching Assistant x1287
Javier Gallegos Teaching Assistant x1048
Momina Mahboob Teaching Assistant x1358
Rizwana Moin Teaching Assistant x1325
Jacqueline Neal Teaching Assistant x1065
Elizabeth Norris Teaching Assistant x1109
Shilpa Shah Teaching Assistant x1047
Daniel Judd Teaching Assistant
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